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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ubuntu First Things: Archive as Root

Another nuisance thing in Ubuntu for developers or power users is the inability to just extract something to the /opt or whatever root-protected destination.

As we did with the RootEdit exercise, we will now create an Ubuntool that allows us unfettered access to the directory structure.

Step 1.) Right-click on the Ubuntu Main Menu panel -> Applications. On the drop-down menu, click Edit Menus.

Step 2.) In the Main Menu configuration window, click the previously-created UbunTools menu item. You can also use the Other menu item if you aren't doing the cumulative exercise.

Click the New Item button.

Step 3.) Once again we're going to create a new launch item.

This time we'll call it RootZip and the command will be; gksu file-roller %U

Click OK and the command is added to the UbunTools menu.

With it you will now be able to extract files wherever you like. That means you should think before extracting.

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